CDOF(Cyclonic Dissolved Ozone Flotation unit)

CDOF(Cyclonic Dissolved Ozone Flotation unit)is a patented technology independently developed by our company. It creatively combines multiple catalytic oxidation technology of ozone, cyclonic technolo

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Technology introduction

CDOF(Cyclonic Dissolved Ozone Flotation unit)is a patented technology independently developed by our company. It creatively combines multiple catalytic oxidation technology of ozone, cyclonic technology, dissolved gas flotation technology and other technologies. It has achieved high efficient and comprehensive oxidation and removal of various pollutants in all kinds of refractory wastewater, with international advanced technology level.

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process flow diagram

·Multiple Catalytic Oxidation of ozone (Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysis)

·Hydrocyclone technology

·Dissolved air floatation technology

·Fully closed automatic belt pressure oxidation technology

·Supercritical catalytic oxidation and efficient heterogeneous catalysts


·High efficiency flocculation

·Patent product

Application: petroleum refining, electric power, metallurgy, medicine, printing and dyeing, municipal, landfill leachate, river sewage treatment, etc

Technical Principles

Under the action of the highly efficient heterogeneous catalyst developed by our company, ozone is efficiently transformed into hydroxyl (·OH) with strong oxidation, and the ring opening and chain breaking of refractory organic pollutants are realized to form easily treatable small molecular organic matter, and finally CO2 and H2O are generated.

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The REDOX potential of hydroxyl radical (·OH) is 2.8V, and its oxidation performance is very high. It can directly interact with various organic pollutants through electron transfer, electrophilic addition, dehydrogenation reaction and other ways, so that it can be finally degraded into CO2, H2O and other harmless substances. It is an efficient method to degrade organic pollution in wastewater.

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Highly efficient heterogeneous catalyst

Our company's research and development of a variety of active metal oxides (including precious metals), high porosity micropore molding technology, hydrophilic modification anti-pollution, anti-clogging technology as one of the efficient heterogeneous catalyst.

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The compressive strength(Mpa)≥1
pore volume(ml/g)≥0.3
Specific surface area(㎡/g)>250
apparent density(t/m³0.7
appearanceGray black sphere
Service life (years)>5

Technical advantages

1.Limit covers an area of

Domestic original creation, set a variety of technologies as one, with a number of international patents and invention patents

The effective reaction time is not more than 15 minutes, the treatment efficiency is high, the reaction speed is fast

The system has good adaptability, strong impact resistance, stability and reliability

2.Technical and economic

High ozone utilization rate, low energy consumption, no secondary pollution, low operation and maintenance cost

Supporting equipment and infrastructure investment is less, the comprehensive investment is low

High degree of automation, convenient operation, less labor

3.Limit covers an area of

Short process flow, short residence time, very small footprint (only 1/5 of the traditional)

Skid - mounted design, compact structure, small footprint

4.Safety and environmental protection

Fully closed with pressure operation, zero leakage, automatic operation, safe and reliable

Do not produce concentrated liquid, environmentally friendly, green environmental protection

Remote monitoring, unattended, safe and environmental protection

Sewage treatment plant treatment technology

After biochemical degradation treatment, most of the remaining organic pollutants in the water are soluble and refractory organic pollutants. Our CDFU+HIBR+CDOF technology is adopted to efficiently oxidize organic pollutants, reduce COD index and decolorization, and has the function of sterilization and disinfection without secondary pollution. The effluent index meets the Grade A standard of "Pollutant Discharge Standard of Urban Sewage Treatment Plant" (GB18918-2002).

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Related patent Certificate

Compared with the traditional membrane + evaporation treatment technology:

NO.itemsMembrane + evaporation technologyCDOF+ Biochemical technology
1applicationLandfill leachate MBR effluent is advanced to the level of comprehensive effusion or higher
2principleSewage: nanofiltration +DTRO+RO+ resin exchangeCDOF+ Biochemical (A/O or MBR)
Concentrated water: precipitation + resin exchange +MVR/ multieffect evaporation
3technical levelConventional technologyPCT international patents, a number of invention patents
4The stability ofThe film and evaporation are easy to scale, need regular cleaning, long-term stability is not goodNo need for complex cleaning, automatic control, good stability
5Cost per ton of water treatmentP 60 yuan/ton15 yuan/ton or less
6Investment and MaintenanceEquipment investment is high, maintenance is complex and costlyThe investment is only 2/3 of membrane + evaporation, and the maintenance cost is extremely low
7Decolorizing effectpoorThe decolorization effect is complete
8Deodorization effectNo deodorization effectEfficient and fast deodorizer
9Ease of operationThe equipment has complex technology, high requirements, complex operation, inconvenient operation and high costSimple process, automatic control, simple operation, convenient operation and maintenance, low cost
10Putting-in-service proactively cycleLong construction and commissioning cycle (more infrastructure, complex technology)Short construction and commissioning (skid mounted design, simple process)

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Figure 1: Field equipment; Figure 2: Water inlet and water outlet