CDFU(Cyclonic Dissolved gas Flotation Unit)

CDFU(Cyclonic Dissolved gas Flotation Unit) is a patented technology independently developed by our company. It creatively combines cyclone centrifugal separation technology

Technology introduction

CDFU(Cyclonic Dissolved gas Flotation Unit) is a patented technology independently developed by our company. It creatively combines cyclone centrifugal separation technology, ultramicro bubble generation technology, dissolved gas floatation technology and other technologies to achieve efficient and comprehensive removal of a variety of pollutants in a variety of refractory wastewater, with international advanced technology level.


process flow diagram

·Microbubble generation technology

·Dissolved air floatation technology

·Hydrocyclone technology


·Patent product

Technical principle:

In the wastewater to be treated through a large number of highly dispersed micro bubbles, so that as a carrier and suspended in the water particles (oil droplets) or flocculent adhesion, the formation of the overall density of the floating body is less than water, and through swirl centrifugation to achieve efficient and rapid separation of sewage oil, emulsified oil, suspended matter

Introduction of swirl centrifugation technology:

Dissolved air and water mixed with wastewater into the equipment for double tangential swirl, in this process increases the collision probability between bubbles and particles, the centrifugal effect is weak, so it will not cause oil emulsification, and because of the small size of bubbles, strong stability, large specific surface area, so its adsorption of small particles is more efficient; It can ensure that the suspended matter in the effluent has a small median particle size and low content.

CDFU is an efficient new type of pure physical sewage treatment equipment. Unique design, reasonable, compact structure, high degree of automation and intelligence, stable and economic operation, strong impact resistance, simple use and maintenance, high processing efficiency, good water quality.

Application: petroleum refining, electric power, metallurgy, medicine, printing and dyeing, municipal, landfill leachate, river sewage treatment, etc

Technical advantages

1.threshold treatment

Domestic original creation, set a variety of technologies as one, with a number of international patents and invention patents.

The effective reaction time is short, is the traditional process (1/6), high efficiency, fast reaction speed.

The system has good adaptability, strong impact resistance, stability and reliability.

2.Limit covers an area of

High efficiency, less space, short construction period.

The unit efficiency is more than 90%.

Short stay time, very small footprint (only 1/3 of the traditional), less infrastructure.

Skid-mounted design, factory assembly, fast site construction, short construction period, fast use.

3.High cost performance

Bubble flotation has high efficiency, low energy consumption, less agent and low operation and maintenance cost.

Supporting equipment and infrastructure investment is less, the comprehensive investment is low.

High degree of automation, convenient operation, less labor.

4.Safety and environmental protection

Fully closed with pressure operation, zero leakage, safe and reliable.

Less waste residue, environmentally friendly, green environmental protection.

Full automatic operation, remote monitoring, unattended, safety and environmental protection.

Compare with traditional technology

Conventional dissolved gas floatationCDFU(Cyclonic Dissolved gas Flotation Unit)
1water qualityOily sewage (containing suspended solids)Oily sewage (containing suspended solids)
2Residence time15~40min<5min(1/8~1/3)
3Oil removal efficiency (single stage)60%~85%>90%
4Removal rate of suspended solids (single stage)50%~70%>80%
5Removal of particle size (> 80%)>5μm<3μm
6Bubble generation modeDissolved air pump/other dissolved air modeDissolved air pump
7Air bubble diameter5μm~100μm(General uniformity)5μm~30μm(Good uniformity)
8Aerated wayPartial water returnPartial water return
9Pressure consumption0.05Mpa~0.1Mpa(Partial water return)0.05Mpa~0.1Mpa(Partial water return)
10Operation modeManual, openAutomatic and closed operation
11Dirty oil dischargeRely on slag scraper, mechanical slag dischargePressure oil discharge, slag discharge, no mechanical power
12Technical characteristicsLong residence time, large floor area, low flotation efficiency, need to add agents, oil removal and suspended solids effect is unstable.Compact structure, small footprint (traditional 1/3), emulsified oil and fine suspended matter removal rate is high, no need for chemical agents.
13Range of applicationLand and other requirements for land cover, weight and other occasions are not highEspecially suitable for oil field or offshore platform containing emulsified oil and fine suspended particles and other difficult to treat sewage
14Structure formReinforced concretePressure vessel prying equipment


Related technology patents


Item 1:

(2017) Produced water treatment and re-injection of petrochina Changqing Oilfield, the oil content of sewage ≤1500ppm, the treatment capacity 20m³/h, the treatment equipment two-stage CDFU+ walnut shell filter, the oil content of CDFU effluent ≤30ppm, SS≤30ppm, the oil content of filter effluent ≤10ppm, SS≤10ppm, Median particle size ≤5μm.


Figure 1: Field equipment two-stage CDFU+ walnut shell filter;Figure 2: Inlet water, first-level outlet water, second-level outlet water

Item 2:

(2019) petrochina Dushanzi Petrochemical electric desalting sewage treatment, sewage oil content ≤2000ppm, treatment capacity 100m³/h, treatment equipment two-stage CDFU, water oil content ≤10ppm.


Figure 1: Two-level CDFU of on-site equipment; Figure 2: Second-level CDFU discharge water; first-level CDFU discharge water; inlet water;

Item 3:

(2021) Sinopec conventional gas field produced liquid (condensate) treatment, sewage oil content ≤500ppm, treatment capacity 30m³/h, treatment equipment first-level CDFU, water oil content ≤20ppm (indicator requirement 50ppm).


Figure 1: First-level CDFU of field equipment;Figure 2️ : Inlet water, outlet water

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