Good news: Sinokle Technology has been successfully awarded as an innovative small and medium-sized enterprise in Shenzhen in 2022

2022-12-18 13:52:58 Sinokle

Recently, the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) Service Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality announced the list of innovative SMEs in Shenzhen for 2022 on its official website, and Sinokle Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully made it to the list.



"Innovative SMEs" refers to high-quality small and medium-sized enterprises with high levels of specialization, strong innovation capabilities, and development potential. It is a "certification" mark of the innovation capability of enterprises and an important driver for promoting high-quality economic development in the region. These innovative SMEs were selected through a strict review process by relevant departments, including self-assessment by the enterprises, verification of supporting materials, and audit inspections, representing the innovative strength of the enterprises in their respective fields.


As a national high-tech enterprise focusing on environmental protection, Sinokle Technology has long been committed to research in industrial wastewater, waste gas treatment, and processes, driving its continuous growth through technological innovation. The company has developed more than 20 internationally leading sewage treatment technologies and products, such as the CDOF ozone multiple oxidation gas flotation integrated technology, super micro-nano bubble generation technology, homogeneous and heterogeneous multiple catalytic oxidation technology, special material super-hydrophilic modification technology, and super-gravity intensified mass transfer emulsion breaking and separation technology. These technologies can be widely used in industries such as petroleum, petrochemical, power, metallurgy, medicine, printing and dyeing, and municipal administration for sewage treatment, providing comprehensive solutions and technical services for sewage treatment to a wide range of customers.


The company attaches great importance to technological innovation and continuously increases its investment in research and development. So far, the company has obtained more than 20 patented inventions, including 2 invention patents, 1 PCT national patent, and multiple utility model patents. Many of the company's technologies have received funding support from the Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Project, making it a key innovative enterprise supported by Shenzhen City.


Sinokle Technology's successful recognition as an innovative SME in Shenzhen is a full affirmation by the relevant government departments of the company's technological innovation in the field of environmental protection. Sinokle Technology will continue to rely on its strong R&D team, adhere to the path of technological innovation, promote the development of the enterprise and the industry through technological innovation, become a benchmark enterprise in the environmental protection industry, and contribute to the development of the country's green circular economy.

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