Sinokle New Patent: authorization for inventions related to exhaust gas treatment.

2024-04-02 08:58:08 Sinokle

Recently, Sinokle has been granted another invention patent by the National Intellectual Property Administration. The patent is "A System for Treating Malodorous Gases" (Patent No. ZL202211023653.2). This patent authorization further enhances the company's technological innovation and market competitiveness in the field of exhaust gas treatment.


It is reported that this invention discloses a system for treating malodorous gases, including a gas-liquid reaction tower and an ozone deep treatment device. The gas-liquid reaction tower comprises a tower body, with a liquid reservoir at the bottom and an aerator for introducing external exhaust gases into the liquid in the reservoir. Above the aerator, there are successively arranged a gas-liquid mixing device for emulsifying the exhaust gases overflowing from the liquid reservoir when the liquid reaches a saturated dissolution absorption state, a spraying device for spraying the exhaust gases, a foam removal and ozone decomposition device for removing foam and decomposing ozone in the exhaust gases, and a negative pressure fan for discharging the exhaust gases from the tower body. The technical solution of this invention enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of malodorous gas treatment while reducing treatment costs. It has promising applications in petroleum refining, municipal waste treatment, and various difficult industrial exhaust gas treatment fields.


As a national high-tech enterprise and a specialized technology enterprise in Shenzhen, Sinokle has been committed to research in the fields of industrial wastewater, exhaust gas treatment, and process improvement for a long time. Through continuous technological research and development, the company has enhanced its strength and competitiveness in the environmental protection sector. The company continuously increases its investment in research and development, actively engages in technological innovation, and implements a patent reward system to motivate technical personnel to submit their achievements. As of now, the company has obtained nearly 30 patents, including 4 invention patents, 1 PCT international patent, and over 20 utility model patents.

The authorization of the "System for Treating Malodorous Gases" invention patent this time is an effective practice of advocating technological innovation and revolution in the company. This technology also has broad market prospects and can be applied in various fields of exhaust gas treatment, providing efficient and reliable solutions for related enterprises. It effectively enhances the company's expertise in exhaust gas treatment, enriches its product line, and holds high practical value.

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