Good News:Sinokle cogeneration project for oily wastewater treatment has been successfully operated.

2024-03-27 11:27:53 Sinokle

Recently, Sinokle has successfully commissioned and operated an oily wastewater treatment system developed for a large-scale cogeneration project in Shanxi Province. The effluent has been tested to meet standards consistently, achieving the expected treatment effect and effectively addressing the challenge of oil-containing wastewater treatment in the cogeneration project.

The project adopts Sinokle's customized filtration system combined with a high-efficiency coalescing pressure oil remover. It is designed to process 10 cubic meters per hour. 

The oil-containing wastewater goes through the filtration system to remove suspended solids and residues;

then enters the high-efficiency oil remover for oil-water separation;resulting in clear and bright effluent meeting national discharge standards.


The high-efficiency coalescing pressure oil remover is a patented technology product of KSinokle. It utilizes principles of coarse granulation, shallow pool, and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation tools to optimize the internal space and structure of the tank, arrange internal flow fields reasonably, and achieve rapid aggregation, coalescence, flotation (or sedimentation), and separation of oil droplets or suspended solids in water. The tank interior consists of an inlet pre-separation zone, primary separation zone, and main separation zone. The inlet pre-separation zone comprises specially designed cyclonic separation devices, while the primary and main separation zones are filled with coalescing packing of different specifications. The tank top is equipped with an oil collection package, and the tank bottom is equipped with an efficient sand flushing and sediment discharge device.


Comparison of inlet and outlet water effects (left for inlet, right for outlet)

The high-efficiency coalescing pressure oil remover possesses the following technical advantages:

Compact structure, small footprint, high oil removal efficiency, exceeding 90%.

Patented structural design for internal packing, utilizing stainless steel or reinforced PP materials with high strength and long service life.

Specially designed sand flushing and sediment discharge device inside, ensuring no blockage of packing and stable operation for a long time, reducing maintenance work.

Fully enclosed with automatic operation under pressure, stable operation, safe and reliable, with no safety or environmental risks.

Numerous successful applications at home and abroad demonstrate that the high-efficiency coalescing pressure oil remover operates reliably, has a long service life, high oil removal efficiency, stable sewage treatment effect, and can be widely used in oilfield produced water, comprehensive oily wastewater treatment in oilfield production, refining oily wastewater treatment, and oily wastewater treatment in industries such as petrochemicals, power, and chemical engineering.

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