Congratulations to Sinokle Technology on obtaining two more patent inventions!

2022-12-21 13:55:35 Sinokle

 Recently, Sinokle Technology obtained two utility model invention patents authorized by the National Intellectual Property Administration. The patents are titled "A Defoaming Device" (Patent No. 17964001) and "A Gas-Liquid Reaction Tower for Treating Malodorous Gases" (Patent No. 17958429).


   As a national high-tech enterprise, Sinokle Technology has long been committed to research in industrial wastewater, exhaust gas treatment, and related processes. Through continuous technological research and development, the company has further optimized the performance of its environmental protection products. The Sinokle technology team has overcome numerous difficulties during the research and development process, solving one problem after another, and successfully developed industrial devices that can be widely used in various industrial wastewater and exhaust gas treatment processes. Obtaining the invention patent authorization from the National Intellectual Property Administration this time is an effective practice of the company's advocacy for technological innovation and technological revolution, effectively improving the company's level of technology in the field of wastewater treatment, exhaust gas treatment, and other environmental protection fields, enriching the company's product line and application fields, and has high practical value.


   Over the years, Sinokle Technology has focused on national energy conservation and environmental protection undertakings, increased investment in scientific research, actively carried out technological innovation work, and introduced a patent award system to stimulate the enthusiasm of technical personnel to apply for technical achievements. Up to now, the company has obtained more than 20 patented invention technologies, including 2 invention patents, 1 PCT national patent, and multiple utility model patents. Many of the company's technologies have received funding support from the Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Project, which is a key support for innovative enterprises in Shenzhen.


   These patent achievements have accumulated momentum for the company's future development, further enhanced the technological content of the company's products, improved product stability, enhanced the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and provided strong technological support for the company's further development.


 Sinokle Technology will continue to rely on its strong R&D team, adhere to the road of independent and innovative technology, promote enterprise and industry development through technological innovation, become a benchmark enterprise in the environmental protection industry, and contribute to the country's green circular economy development.

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