Sinokle Technology has joined the Shenzhen Environmental Protection Industry Association

2023-03-06 11:34:30 Sinokle

On March 6th, Jian Xiaowen, the General Manager of Sinokle Technology Co., Ltd., and his team visited the Shenzhen Environmental Protection Industry Association to discuss joining the association and cooperation with it. Ms. Deng Hongyan, the Secretary-General of the Shenzhen Environmental Protection Industry Association, warmly welcomed Jian and his team. She provided a comprehensive introduction to the association, including its establishment, membership development, analysis of industry development, and new directions for industry development. Secretary-General Deng expressed a warm welcome to Sinokle Technology as an outstanding representative enterprise in the Shenzhen sewage treatment industry and hoped that everyone could work together for mutual development and success.


Jian briefly introduced the development of Sinokle Technology to Secretary-General Deng. As a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the environmental protection field, Sinokle Technology has long been committed to research in industrial wastewater, waste gas treatment, and process improvement. The company has developed a series of sewage treatment technologies and products with internationally leading levels, which can be widely used in industries such as petroleum, refining, electric power, metallurgy, medicine, printing and dyeing, and municipal administration. Jian expressed his great honor to join the Shenzhen Environmental Protection Industry Association and pledged to strengthen communication and cooperation with the association and its member companies to achieve resource sharing, common development, and promote ecological environmental protection and high-quality industrial development.


Association Introduction: The Shenzhen Environmental Protection Industry Association was established in 1990. It is a regional and industry-specific non-profit social organization with legal person status voluntarily formed by enterprises and institutions engaged in environmental protection engineering design, construction, installation, project contracting, equipment manufacturing, operation and management of pollution facilities, environmental science research, consulting services, education and training, production and sales of environmental protection-related products and clean products, resource recycling and comprehensive utilization, environmental monitoring services, and natural ecological protection in Shenzhen.

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