Good news: Sinokle Technology has been awarded the title of Specialized and Innovative Enterprise in Shenzhen

2023-05-20 10:47:35 Sinokle

Recently, the Shenzhen SME Service Bureau announced the list of specialized, refined, distinctive, and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Shenzhen for 2022. This selection process rigorously evaluates enterprises based on their specialization, refinement, distinctive features, and innovation capabilities. Sinokle Technology Co., Ltd., with its continuous R&D capabilities and fruitful achievements in the environmental protection field over the years, stood out among many participating enterprises and was honored to be included in the list.


It is reported that specialized, refined, distinctive, and innovative enterprises refer to small and medium-sized enterprises that comply with national industrial policies and related requirements, have strong technological innovation and financing capabilities, high market share, master key core technologies, and have characteristics of "specialization, refinement, distinctiveness, and novelty." "Specialized, refined, distinctive, and innovative" is a major project implemented by the country to guide the enhancement of the independent innovation and core competitiveness of SMEs, continuously improve the quality and level of development, and promote the transformation and upgrading of SMEs. By guiding the specialized, refined, and innovative development of SMEs, further stimulate the vitality and development momentum of SMEs, and promote the transformation and upgrading of SMEs. Based on specialized, refined, distinctive, and innovative SMEs, cultivate a group of outstanding specialized, refined, and innovative "small giants" in core basic components (parts), key basic materials, advanced basic processes, and industrial technology foundations to lead the manufacturing industry.

"Specialization": Specialization (focus on core business). Enterprises focus on core business, have the ability to produce, serve, and collaborate professionally, and their products and services are in a dominant position in a certain link of the industrial chain, providing high-quality parts, components, supporting products, and services for large enterprises, major projects, and industrial chains.

"Refinement": Refined (refined and efficient management). Enterprises have refined and efficient management, establish refined and efficient systems, processes, and systems in management, achieve refined production, refined management, and refined services, form core competitiveness, and their products or services are of high quality.

"Distinctiveness": Distinctive (products and services have unique characteristics). Enterprises target specific markets or specific consumer groups, use characteristic resources, traditional techniques, regional cultures, or unique processes, technologies, formulas, or special materials for research and production to provide unique products or services, with unique, exclusive, and exclusive production characteristics, strong influence, and brand awareness.

"Innovation": Novelty (significant achievements in innovation capabilities). Enterprises have significant achievements in innovation capabilities, possess sustained innovation capabilities, and have achieved significant results. The products or services of the enterprise belong to new economic, new industrial fields, or innovative achievements in new technologies, new processes, new ideas, new models, etc., with independent intellectual property rights, broad application prospects, high technological content or added value, significant economic and social benefits, and good development potential.

Sinokle Technology has been committed to environmental protection since its establishment, focusing on research in industrial wastewater and waste gas treatment and technology. The company is driven by technological innovation to continuously grow. Sinokle has developed more than 30 internationally leading sewage treatment technologies and products, represented by technologies such as CDOF ozone multiple oxidation gas flotation integrated technology, ultrafine nanobubble generation technology, homogeneous and heterogeneous multiple catalytic oxidation technology, special superhydrophilic modification technology, and super gravity enhanced mass transfer demulsification separation technology. It has formed a complete product line and is a professional, independent intellectual property rights provider of industrial wastewater, waste gas treatment equipment, and related technical solutions in China. Its products and technologies can be widely used in sewage treatment in industries such as petroleum, refining, electric power, metallurgy, medicine, printing and dyeing, and municipal administration, providing comprehensive sewage treatment solutions and technical services to a wide range of customers.

Understanding that innovation is the soul of sustainable development for enterprises, Sinokle Technology, guided by the great goal of "promoting green development and building a beautiful China" and the guidance of national environmental protection policies, continuously accumulates new development momentum, attaches great importance to technological innovation, and continuously increases R&D.

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