Sinokle Technology's electrochemical desalination wastewater treatment equipment has been successfully shipped

2023-04-10 10:18:39 Sinokle

Recently, Sinokle Technology successfully shipped a set of electrochemical desalination wastewater treatment equipment customized and developed for a domestic refinery, which was transported to the customer's project site. This is another important project achievement for Sinokle Technology in the field of electrochemical desalination wastewater treatment.


The desalting and cutting of oil in the petrochemical industry are characterized by high oil content, large fluctuations, high content of colloids and asphaltene, severe emulsification, and a small density difference between oil and water. These characteristics pose significant challenges and have been troubling petrochemical enterprises for many years without a good solution. Currently, most domestic refineries use processes such as gravity settling, cyclonic oil removal, and membrane filtration. However, based on the application in many enterprises, these processes are associated with high operating costs and unsatisfactory treatment effects. As a result, the influent oil content of the wastewater treatment plant still exceeds the standard, seriously affecting the stable discharge standard and sewage reuse of the wastewater treatment plant.


Sinokle Technology has developed a new and efficient solution for electrochemical desalination wastewater treatment based on customer needs and the characteristics and challenges of desalting and cutting oil. After years of research and on-site testing, the company has developed a comprehensive solution for electrochemical desalination wastewater treatment, with the core technology being the "High-efficiency Aggregation Oil Remover and CDFU (Cyclonic Dissolved Gas Flotation)" patent technology. This solution can thoroughly solve the problem of severe excessive discharge in the electrochemical desalination wastewater treatment of most refineries.


This solution breaks away from the traditional separation mode based solely on the density difference between oil and water, relying instead on the density differences between gas-water and oil-gas-water. This makes oil removal less affected by the density of the dirty oil, greatly improving the separation efficiency. The use of high-efficiency aggregation/sloping plate pressure oil removers has advantages such as high separation efficiency, strong impact resistance, clogging resistance, and low energy consumption. The high-efficiency compact dissolved air flotation unit has a compact structure and high separation efficiency. It can effectively remove emulsified oil without the need for any chemical additives, ensuring high reliability and stable treatment effects.


The entire treatment process has a high oil removal efficiency, low pressure requirement (<0.15 MPa), low energy consumption, clogging resistance, strong impact resistance, and high reliability. It can ensure that the electrochemical desalination wastewater meets the requirements for entry into the wastewater treatment plant (<100 mg/L) even under conditions of severe oil fluctuation. The system operates automatically with a high degree of automation, resulting in low operating and maintenance costs. It operates in a fully enclosed manner, preventing the escape of hazardous gases and minimizing impact on employees and the surrounding environment. The equipment is reasonably priced, cost-effective, and delivers significant economic and social benefits.

Focused on the research and application of sewage treatment technology, Sinokle Technology is committed to becoming a leader in environmental governance technology and equipment. Sinokle has been striving for excellence in this field!

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