Sinokle Technology's coking acid wastewater treatment facility has been successfully put into operation

2023-09-22 16:42:57 科力迩

Recently, Sinokle Technology successfully commissioned a coking acid wastewater treatment facility for a petrochemical enterprise in Luoyang. The treated effluent meets stable water quality standards, with an oil removal rate exceeding 99%. This solution has addressed the long-standing challenge of acid wastewater treatment for the enterprise. The successful commissioning of this industrial facility provides an effective solution to the industry-wide challenge of treating highly emulsified acidic wastewater from coking processes.


Treating highly emulsified coking acid wastewater has always been a challenge in the petroleum refining industry. In acidic wastewater from refining, the components generated by coking have high concentrations and are particularly complex. The main characteristics are as follows:

  • High coke powder content with a small particle size distribution;

  • High oil content, small oil droplet size, and severe emulsification;

  • High sulfur, ammonia nitrogen, and phenol content;

  • Complex composition with significant fluctuations in content.

If not treated, directly entering the rectification tower can easily cause blockages, large amounts of emulsified oil and suspended solids (coke powder), affecting the rectification efficiency and the quality of liquid ammonia. In severe cases, it can lead to unplanned shutdowns, resulting in significant losses. These issues have caused great difficulties in the treatment of coking wastewater and posed challenges to environmental protection and sustainable development. Therefore, it is necessary to treat acidic water to improve the stability and reliability of downstream processing units.

Traditional treatment methods usually involve the use of chemicals, which can lead to problems such as the need for large amounts of chemicals, the generation of a large amount of floating scum and oily sludge, and unstable treatment effects. These methods also pose risks of secondary pollution. To address this challenge, Sinokle has developed a coking acid wastewater treatment system based on years of research and practice. This system, with the core components of CDFU Cyclonic dissolved gas flotation unit, fine filter, and KHC high-efficiency coagulation oil remover, uses a purely physical demulsification and separation method, eliminating the need for chemical additives.


(SINOKLE Coking Highly Emulsified Acidic Water Treatment Technical Solution)

First, the wastewater undergoes preliminary filtration through a coarse filter to remove large particle impurities. It then undergoes deep treatment through a CDFU swirl dissolved air flotation unit. Through the action of swirling and dissolved air, suspended solids and emulsified oils are separated from the wastewater. Next, the wastewater enters a fine filter, where the filter further removes solid particles and residual emulsified oils from the wastewater. Finally, the wastewater undergoes final purification through a KHC high-efficiency coagulation and oil removal unit, completely removing tiny oil droplets and residual suspended solids from the wastewater. The appearance of the effluent is bright and clear, and after testing, it was found that the oil content in the effluent had decreased to only 73.8 mg/L, with an oil removal rate of over 99%.


Compared to traditional chemical treatment methods, Sinokle's coking acid wastewater treatment system has several advantages:

  • It does not require the addition of chemical agents, avoiding the problems of large chemical dosages and the generation of floating scum and oily sludge, fundamentally eliminating the risk of secondary pollution.

  • The system uses a purely physical treatment method, which provides good and stable demulsification effects, effectively separating emulsified oil and suspended solids in the wastewater, thus improving the treatment efficiency.

  • The recovered and separated oil has excellent quality, low water content, and can be recycled, saving resources and providing economic benefits.

  • The system operates fully automatically and under pressure in a sealed manner, without any safety or environmental risks, ensuring the safety of operators.

  • The system has a small footprint and low operating costs.

The successful commissioning of this coking acid wastewater treatment system marks a significant breakthrough in China's coking wastewater treatment technology. It not only provides an efficient and environmentally friendly solution for coking wastewater treatment but also provides strong support for the sustainable development of petrochemical enterprises. It provides a reliable guarantee for the petrochemical industry to achieve green development.

As a leading company in the field of industrial wastewater treatment in China, Sinokle has always been committed to technological innovation and application in the treatment of challenging wastewater. Addressing customer needs and technical difficulties, Sinokle has continuously developed and improved solutions for efficient and environmentally friendly treatment of coking acid wastewater for petrochemical enterprises. In the future, Keleer will continue to adhere to the path of technological innovation and development, further promoting technological innovation in the industrial wastewater treatment industry, and making greater contributions to environmental protection and sustainable development.

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