Sinokle Technology was invited to attend the "Belt and Road" Green Innovation Conference in 2023

2023-08-21 15:41:16 科力迩

On August 20th, the "Belt and Road" Green Innovation Conference (2023) opened in Shenzhen. Themed "Promoting Green 'Belt and Road' Construction through High-Quality Development," the conference was organized by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment's Center for International Cooperation and Exchange, the Belt and Road Green Development International Alliance, the Shenzhen Ecology and Environment Bureau, and the China Environmental Science Society. The Belt and Road Environmental Technology Exchange and Transfer Center (Shenzhen) was the host. Nearly 200 guests, including environmental authorities from Belt and Road countries and regions, international organizations, renowned experts and scholars, and representatives from the business community, attended the opening ceremony. As an outstanding local environmental protection enterprise in Shenzhen and a typical representative of products going abroad to Belt and Road countries, Jian Xiaowen, the General Manager of Sinokle Technology, was invited to attend the opening ceremony.


(Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Zhao Yingmin, delivered the opening speech)

The conference brought together talents from all walks of life to explore the practical path of high-quality development of the green "Belt and Road," aiming to promote the application and development of green innovative technologies in Belt and Road countries. The main focus of the conference was to accelerate the green transformation of investment cooperation along the Belt and Road, deepen cooperation with Belt and Road countries in green technologies, green equipment, green services, green infrastructure construction, and other areas, promote in-depth exchanges on topics such as green development in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and help green industries, technologies, and projects land in Belt and Road countries.


Vice Mayor of Shenzhen, Zhang Hua, delivered a speech

At the opening ceremony, the Shenzhen Ecology and Environment Bureau released the "Belt and Road Environmental Policy, Regulations, and Standards Blue Book," which covers over 110 environmental policies, regulations, and standards, and nearly 50 related investment cases. The Blue Book conducts research on national profiles, environmental policies, regulations, and standards, green technology and trade investment, and the situation in the field of renewable energy. It also conducts typical case analysis, providing direction and important reference for relevant enterprises going abroad to Belt and Road countries.


Enterprise Salon" Event

Sinokle Technology's General Manager, Jian Xiaowen, stated that the company has long been committed to national environmental protection and sustainable development. They aim to provide greener and more efficient solutions for industrial wastewater treatment through innovative technologies. The company has continuously achieved technological breakthroughs and applications in wastewater treatment for industries such as petroleum, refining, municipal, pharmaceuticals, and new energy, accumulating a large number of project cases. Sinokle Technology responds to the national "Belt and Road" initiative by actively exploring markets in Belt and Road countries. Since 2020, the company's complete sets of environmental protection equipment, including CDFU cyclone dissolved gas flotation unit, CDOF, and polymerization coalescence oil remover, have been applied in projects abroad. These projects include the Bangladesh heavy fuel oil power plant oil depot water cutting treatment, Chad refinery coking acidic water treatment, Uzbekistan refinery circulating water oil removal, and Congo (Brazzaville) large oil field comprehensive wastewater treatment, with a contract amount exceeding 50 million yuan. With advanced technology, high-quality products, and services, the company has won wide praise from domestic and foreign customers, becoming a successful practice in promoting green development in Belt and Road countries through green innovative technologies.


By attending the "Belt and Road" Green Innovation Conference, Sinokle Technology had the opportunity to interact and exchange ideas with government officials, industry experts, and fellow entrepreneurs. They discussed experiences and insights on taking products and technologies overseas. Sinokle Technology will continue to deepen its research on green environmental governance technologies, making greater contributions to the promotion and application of Chinese green innovative technologies in Belt and Road countries, and further promoting the development of green innovative technologies globally.

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