Sinokle Technology is pleased to announce that it has been granted patents for its technology related to the treatment of fire-fighting wastewater

2023-09-02 11:42:18 科力迩

Sinokle Technology was granted a utility model invention patent by the National Intellectual Property Administration. The patent is titled "Integrated Device for Adsorption and Degradation of Oil-containing Fire-fighting Wastewater" (Patent No. ZL202320412434.7). This patent authorization will further promote Keleer's technological innovation and market competitiveness in the field of industrial wastewater treatment.


It is understood that Sinokle's utility model patent is designed to address the problems existing in the treatment of fire-fighting wastewater. Fire-fighting wastewater refers to oily wastewater generated during firefighting, which contains high concentrations of organic and toxic substances, causing serious environmental pollution. Traditional treatment methods often require large amounts of chemical agents and energy consumption, and the treatment effect is also difficult to achieve the desired state.

Sinokle's new fire-fighting wastewater treatment device efficiently and economically treats fire-fighting wastewater through adsorption and degradation, reducing environmental pollution. Sinokle's technological innovation is mainly reflected in two aspects:

  • The device uses an efficient adsorption material that quickly adsorbs organic and toxic substances in the wastewater, reducing the amount of chemical agents used in the treatment process.

  • The device combines degradation technology to degrade the adsorbed organic and toxic substances into harmless substances, achieving thorough purification of the wastewater. This device not only features high efficiency and cost-effectiveness but also significantly reduces secondary pollution to the environment during the treatment process.


As a national high-tech enterprise and a Shenzhen specialized and new technology enterprise, KSinokle Technology has long been committed to research in industrial wastewater and waste gas treatment, as well as process improvement. Through continuous technological research and development, the company has enhanced its strength and competitiveness in the field of environmental protection. The company continues to increase its investment in research and development, actively conducts technological innovation, and has implemented a patent reward system to stimulate technical personnel to actively declare technical achievements. As of now, the company has obtained more than 20 patented technologies, including two invention patents, one PCT international patent, and more than 20 utility model patents.

The authorization of this fire-fighting wastewater treatment technology patent is an effective practice of the company's advocacy for technological innovation and technological revolution. The device also has broad market application prospects and can be used in various industrial production and firefighting fields, providing related enterprises with efficient and reliable wastewater treatment solutions. It can effectively improve the company's level of wastewater treatment technology, enrich the company's product line, and has high practical value.

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