Sinokle to Congo: large-scale integrated treatment equipment for oilfield wastewater has been successfully shipped

2023-11-17 16:55:32 Sinokle

The comprehensive oilfield wastewater treatment device developed and manufactured by Sinokle for a large oil field in Congo (Brazzaville) was successfully packaged and shipped from Sinokle manufacturing base, shipped to coastal ports on November 17, , and will eventually be shipped to the African oil field project site.


The oilfield wastewater comprehensive treatment project was officially signed in July 2023. The main task of the device is to treat oilfield joint station wastewater (3500T/d), fracturing flowback fluid (1000T/d) and drilling waste fluid (100T/d), etc. Mixed wastewater. Oilfield mixed wastewater has high mineralization, large suspended solids content, high emulsified oil content, easy emulsification, and complex composition, which leads to an increase in the difficulty of treatment. Fracturing flowback waste liquid is produced by the fracturing process in oil wells. It has the characteristics of complex pollutant composition, high concentration, and high viscosity. It is one of the more difficult wastewaters to treat in oil fields.

In order to achieve the discharge of oilfield wastewater up to standard, Sinokle Technology combined the characteristics of the fracturing flowback fluid from the oil field in Congo (Brazzaville) and adopted a coalescing oil remover, CDOF (ozone catalytic oxidation flotation integrated device), CDFU (Cyclone dissolved gas flotation), KFM (active filter material filter) and other equipment as the core of the overall technical solution, economically and efficiently solved the technical problems of treating the oil field wastewater.


The project involves the design and construction of multiple groups of large-scale equipment. Tight delivery time、heavy tasks, and it faces many challenges. In order to deliver products to customers on time and with high quality, all employees of Sinokle Technology Co., Ltd. have been working hard, day and night, racing against time since the official signing of the contract. From the early stage of design, we fully investigated customer needs and project site conditions; fully demonstrated the process design and drawing design, and controlled quality risks to the maximum extent through rational design; we carefully selected materials and inspected the raw materials and parts delivered to the factory. Strict acceptance and quality inspection is carried out; project personnel are stationed in the manufacturing factory for a long time to track and supervise the manufacturing process throughout the entire process, and control the entire manufacturing process to ensure that there are no hidden dangers in product quality. Before leaving the factory, careful testing and quality inspection are carried out to ensure that the equipment fully complies with technical protocols and quality requirements. 


After nearly four months of continuous hard work, the complete oilfield wastewater comprehensive treatment device successfully passed the customer's quality inspection and was shipped on time. The overall solution for oilfield wastewater treatment is all provided by Kelier, including the overall process package, detailed design, overall equipment construction, follow-up installation guidance and commissioning operation, which fully demonstrates the internationally leading technical level and large-scale development of Sinokle in the field of oilfield wastewater treatment. Overall project design and delivery capabilities.

In the future, Sinokle will continue to carry forward the spirit of innovation, promote the development of enterprises and industries with technological innovation, and strive to become a leader in environmental management technology and equipment. We will also actively participate in international market competition and make greater contributions to the successful implementation of China-Africa cooperation and the “One Belt, One Road” strategy.

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