Leadership from Shenyang Aerospace University visited SINOKLE for inspection and exchange

2023-11-24 16:31:08 科力迩

Director Yin Guotao from the Admissions and Employment Office, Party Secretary Ji Zhigang from the School of Energy and Environment, Party Secretary Lu Nan from the School of Materials Science and Engineering, Party Secretary Sun Li from the School of Foreign Languages, and Vice Director of the Admissions and Employment Office and Secretary-General of the Alumni Association Dong Yiqiao from Shenyang Aerospace University visited the headquarters of SINOKLE for inspection and guidance. They were warmly received by Jian Xiaowen, General Manager of Shenzhen SINOKLE Technology Co., Ltd., and other company personnel On November 23, 2023.


Everyone gathered in the Sinokle conference room and had a relaxed and pleasant discussion. Sinokle staff introduced the company's growth history, business fields and development vision to the visiting guests through PPT. The leaders of their alma mater expressed their sincere joy and appreciation for the development achievements of Kelier as an enterprise founded by Shenyang Aeronautics and Astronautics University alumni.

Subsequently, Jian Xiaowen, general manager of Sinokle Company, gave a supplementary explanation of the company's situation. He warmly welcomed the leaders of his alma mater and his delegation, and said that the founding and development of Sinokle are inseparable from the guidance and care of teachers from his alma mater. Mr. Jian recalled his unforgettable experiences while studying at his alma mater, and expressed his gratitude and deep emotions to his alma mater. He said that as a 2002 alumnus of Shenyang University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, although he has been away from school for many years, he has been paying attention to the changes and development of his alma mater and hopes to strengthen cooperation and exchanges with his alma mater in all aspects.


Subsequently, the leadership of Shenyang Aerospace University introduced the school's development and professional settings. They expressed that the school's development relies on the support of its alumni. The main purpose of this visit was to visit alumni in Shenzhen and understand the development of alumni enterprises. They expressed the school's willingness to actively cooperate with alumni enterprises to promote development together. Both parties believe that there are many opportunities for cooperation in areas such as industry-academia-research collaboration, transformation of scientific research achievements, and talent cultivation and introduction. They hope to further strengthen exchanges and facilitate relevant cooperation.


Through this exchange visit, both sides had in-depth discussions on industry-academia-research collaboration, school-enterprise cooperation, and talent cultivation, and reached a preliminary cooperation intention, including scientific research cooperation, student internships, and employment opportunities. As an alumni enterprise, Keliere will closely cooperate with Shenyang Aerospace University, fully leveraging its professional knowledge, technological accumulation, and resource advantages to carry out extensive cooperation in the field of environmental governance technology, achieving mutual benefit and win-win results.

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