SINOKLE electric desalting water treatment swirl dissolved gas floating skidy equipment smoothly put into use

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On April 10, 2022, the water supply and drainage Plant Operation Department of Urumqi Petrochemical Company of Keli Technology was officially put into use. Since its operation, the equipment has been running continuously and stably, with stable two-stage CDFU level and pressure control and stable operation.


The scene photos

From July 1 to July 4, 2022, the workshop conducted a 72-hour performance test of the air floatation facility to test the removal ability of the air floatation facility for oil and suspended solids in electrically desalted sewage, and to evaluate the operation effect of the two-stage air floatation facility. During this period, the oil content of the air floating equipment is ≤2000mg/L, and the suspended matter is ≤5000mg/L. The equipment operates in a safe and stable manner, and the effluent stability meets the technical agreement requirements of oil content ≤150mg/L and suspended matter ≤500mg/L. In order to verify the removal effect of the air floating equipment on oily sewage under the condition of influent impact, On July 21, 48 hours of continuous high-concentration oil and high-water inlet test was conducted. The inlet oil ≤ 30,00mg /L and the outlet water met the technical agreement requirements of oil ≤3000mg/L. The successful operation of this project is another successful application case of our company in the field of electric desalted sewage treatment.

Urumqi petrochemical electrochemical oil removal project of building 2017, will be three often, two often backwashing water cut oil refinery electrochemical oil removal device for processing, but the complex components of water frequent oil emulsification conditions, it is more than the electrochemical capacity, causing electrochemical excess water frequently, seriously affecting the normal operation of the subsequent salt system. In recent years, the quality of crude oil is becoming more and more bad and heavy dirty oil is recycled, resulting in more black belt oil and serious emulsification in the electric decutting water. It is very difficult to separate oil and water, and the water quality of the cutting water often exceeds the standard, causing a huge impact on the downstream sewage treatment system. In view of this situation, our company adopts a two-stage CDFU (swirl dissolved gas floatation) patent technology as the core equipment. Without adding any agent, the pure physical demulsification separation method can achieve a high oil-water separation effect in a short flotation time, and the oil content of the effluent is less than 150mg/L. At the same time, the content of suspended solids is significantly reduced, and the load of the downstream sewage treatment system is greatly reduced.

Technology advantage

(1)physical demulsification, do not add chemical agents, do not produce oily sludge

(2) The equipment is highly integrated, skid-mounted, occupies a small area, and the infrastructure work is greatly reduced

(3)The process has strong impact resistance and stable operation

(4) The core equipment has no vulnerable inner parts, long operation cycle and low operation and maintenance costs

(5)Closed operation of equipment, safety and environmental protection

The data before and after operation of air floating facilities are as follows:

Inlet water index of cyclone dissolved air floatation deviceWater discharge index of cyclone dissolved air flotation device
1Petroleum content ≤2000mg/LPetroleum content ≤150mg/L
2Petroleum content ≤5000mg/LPetroleum content ≤500mg/L
3Petroleum content ≤30000mg/LPetroleum content ≤3000mg/L
4Suspended matter content ≤5000mg/LSuspended matter content ≤500mg/L
5Suspended matter content ≤1000mg/LSuspended matter content ≤300mg/L

The process can realize full automatic operation, operation information can be remotely monitored


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