Sinokle Technology has won the subsidy for site fees for leading entrepreneurs in Longgang District, Shenzhen

2022-08-22 14:17:16 Sinokle

 On August 22, 2022, the Longgang District Science and Technology Innovation Bureau announced the "2021 Talent Support Project in Longgang District, Shenzhen". Sinokle Technology Co., Ltd. was honored to be listed and received the third batch of subsidies for leading entrepreneurial talents in 2021. Only three enterprises were selected in this announcement, which fully demonstrates Sinokle Technology's outstanding technical level and talent strength in the industry, winning high recognition from relevant departments.


Since its establishment, Sinokle Technology has focused on the field of industrial wastewater treatment, attaching great importance to the introduction and cultivation of professional talents. The company has one specially-appointed expert under the national "Thousand Talents Plan," two doctoral degree holders, and three master's degree holders. The technical backbone of the company comes from well-known domestic universities, with over 90% of the total employees holding bachelor's degrees or above. The team has rich experience in the wastewater treatment industry and strong R&D capabilities. The company adheres to independent research and self-innovation, and has achieved a series of research results and technological patents in the field of wastewater treatment, with more than 20 national patents, including 1 PCT international patent and 2 national invention patents.

Sinokle Technology will take this opportunity of winning the subsidy for leading entrepreneurial talents in site fees to continuously enhance its talent and technical level, develop more new products and technologies for wastewater treatment, and make new contributions to the country's energy conservation and environmental protection cause.

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