Sinokle Technology has successfully put into operation another oil tank water cutting and oil removal device in the refining and chemical industry

2023-06-15 09:47:53 Sinokle

Recently, SinokleTechnology successfully put into operation a customized oil tank water cutting and oil removal device developed for a domestic petrochemical company. The sewage treatment system uses a process scheme consisting of a coalescing pressure oil remover and a CDFU cyclonic dissolved gas flotation unit. The designed sewage treatment capacity is as high as 1200 cubic meters per day. It uses a purely physical process without adding any chemicals, avoiding secondary pollution, and has low operating costs, achieving excellent oil removal effects.


It is reported that after the oily wastewater from various tank areas in the storage and transportation department of the company is dehydrated by the dehydrator and treated by this sewage treatment system, the concentration of petroleum pollutants in the sewage has been reduced from the original 100,000 mg/L to 100 mg/L. This means that the oil removal effect has achieved a very ideal result. At the same time, through the oil-water separation treatment, these sewage have been treated to meet the discharge standards, and the separated oily sludge has been recycled and reused, avoiding waste of resources.


The oil tank water cutting and oil removal device is essential equipment in the refining industry, and SinokleTechnology's developed coalescing pressure oil remover and CDFU cyclonic dissolved gas flotation unit have been successfully applied in the tank water cutting treatment of multiple domestic petroleum refining enterprises. It has been proven to be an efficient, economical, and reliable oil removal technology, which can bring considerable benefits to the industry with good environmental and economic benefits.

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