The Latest Oilfied Reinjection Water Treatment Process

2024-01-19 11:09:07

1.Background of the Development of  Oilfied Reinjection Water Treatment Process Technology

With the continuous improvement of national environmental requirements, pollution control and achieving standard injection have gradually become trends in various oil fields. Strict environmental monitoring demands stable and consistently compliant water treatment systems without any loopholes.

As the production stage progresses into the middle and later periods, the water cut in the produced fluid increases, requiring more efficient, compact, and stable treatment equipment.

Currently, production water treatment systems commonly face issues such as poor impact resistance, unstable performance, and difficult operation and maintenance.

The bottleneck of water treatment systems has become one of the important factors restricting oil field production. Water injection has become a rigid demand in the production water treatment market!

2. Traditional Oilfied Reinjection Water Treatment Processes and Drawbacks

Slant Plate Settler (Clarifier) + Walnut Shell/Fiber Ball Filtration

High permeability; aging oil with added chemicals; poor reliability and impact resistance, unstable water quality.

Clarifier + Centrifugal Gas Floatation + Fiber Ball/Multi-media Filtration + Ceramic Membrane

Medium to low permeability; complex process, high energy consumption, and operating costs; poor impact resistance, unstable water production, difficult to operate and maintain.

Clarifier + Centrifugal Gas Floatation + Fiber Ball/Multi-media Filtration + Ultrafiltration Membrane

Not resistant to high temperatures; poor adaptability of the membrane to crude oil, severe fouling, poor long-term stability, high salt content leading to difficult and costly operation and maintenance.


3. Latest Oilfied Reinjection Water Treatment Technology of SINOKLE

With Cycolonic dissolved gas flotation as the core, combined with HAC swirl separator, high-precision active filter, and SIC microfiltration membrane technology, SINOKLE provides a comprehensive solution for oil field produced water. This achieves a short process without chemicals for the entire system treatment, ensuring stable water quality for compliant reinjection, low oil content in the discharged water, and solid-phase pressure filtration for external transportation.

Considering the actual project conditions, process requirements, and challenges in treatment, Koleyne has designed two process solutions, each meeting the A1 and A2 standards for produced water.

Solution 1: Two stages of HAC + two stages of CDFU + two stages of KFM filters, capable of meeting the A2 standard.

Solution 2: Two stages of HAC + two stages of CDFU + SiC membrane filter + CDFU, providing a solution that meets the A1 standard

Solution Features:

  • Mature process, strong impact resistance, stable and reliable performance.

  • Pure physical demulsification, no chemicals, no aged oil, no secondary pollution, with good environmental benefits.

  • Short process, small footprint, minimal dynamic equipment, simple operation, and low costs.

  • Dual-stage swirl oil-water separator + dual-stage swirl dissolved air flotation, with strong impact resistance, ensuring subsequent treatment is stable, reliable, and economically efficient.

  • Advanced filtration technology, stable and high precision effects, ensuring consistently compliant and stable water quality.

Solution Index

Process Solution
Oil Content (mg/L)SS (mg/L)Particle Diameter (μm)
Solution 1 effluent water≤6≤2≤1.5
Solution 2 effluent water≤5≤1≤1

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