Light Oil Storage Tank Water Treatment Process

2024-01-17 16:00:11

Process Introduction

Light oil (gasoline) storage tanks undergo regular water cutting, and during the water cutting process, the water with oil needs to be treated to meet the requirements for reuse as cleaning water. Simultaneously, high-quality gasoline is recovered, creating environmental and economic benefits. Shenzhen Keli'er Technology Co., Ltd. adopts a pure physical treatment process for oil depot wastewater with "CDFU+KHC coalescence oil removal unit" as the core technology. This process has been widely applied in water cutting treatment for crude oil tanks, finished oil, heavy oil power plant tanks, etc., in areas such as PetroChina, Sinopec, and China Power. It has not only addressed environmental issues for numerous customers but also generated significant economic benefits.

Process flow


Process Characteristics

• Utilizes a modular design for easy assembly, making the equipment compact to reduce the footprint and weight.

• Meets the requirements for automation control and convenient operation, employing automated design to minimize manual operation, reduce operational intensity, and enhance equipment convenience.

• Adopts a purely physical separation process without the use of any chemical agents, achieving efficient oil recovery.

• Operates in a fully enclosed and pressurized manner, with all exhaust gases directed to the oil and gas recovery system, ensuring both environmental protection and safety.

• Strives for economic efficiency, stability, and operational strength while ensuring the quality of the treated water.

Process Index

Water Quality IndicatorRaw Water
Effluent Water
Oil Content (mg/L)≤2000≤10
SS (mg/L)≤200≤5

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