MetInfo Enterprise Web Site Management System V5.3

2012-07-17 18:06:56
     MetInfo enterprise website management system using PHP + Mysql structure, the station built-in SEO search engine optimization mechanisms to support user-defined interface language (the world's languages), has a corporate website module (Company Profile module, news module, product modules, download the module, image module, the recruitment module, Feedback, feedback system, online communication, Links, Site Map, membership and permissions management). Powerful and flexible back-office management functions, static page generation, personalized modules to add functionality, various sections of custom styles FLASH functions, pseudo-static functions for enterprise to create a beautiful atmosphere, and the marketing power of the boutique site.
Supported Languages
  1. Support the world's languages ??(including Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, etc.), unlimited custom languages, and set the appropriate language in the background as needed access to the domain name and custom default home;
  2. Original language pack editing features, users can easily edit website Admin site language packs to control the front of language and language parameters (font, text size, page background, show the number of words, etc.);
Interface style
  1. Text of the station, the system part, information content and images to support user-defined and seen to change;
  2. The unique part identifier display control method, administrators only need to set the part ID can be flexible control page displays topics and related information list;
  3. Foreground template and the program is completely separated from the original languages ??share a style template technology, you can also set different page style for each language;
  4. Style templates to create a simple and flexible, while supporting the production of label templates and PHP standard syntax template production methods;
  5. Original the same set of templates to support a different color style, while supporting a variety of page layout, users can easily switch;
  6. Automatically generated thumbnails, pictures, text watermark background custom watermark automatically add functionality to upload pictures;
  7. Flash animation (advertising) according to the columns of different styles (including Image Carousel, Flash animation, a single picture), and can choose a variety of image carousel;
  8. Built-in a variety of online communication with the screen scrolling style;
  9. The original product images and image module images a variety of styles to display mode, support for the same product to add unlimited pictures;
  10. Flip style, each page of information, time format, popular hits, the latest release days, the number of full realization of the background custom;
  11. Social sharing button collection divided in o side-column and instrumental, and can custom code;
  12. DIV + CSS layout, and all mainstream browser compatible IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox, Google, in TT, 360 degree travel, etc.;
Site Content
  1. Profiles, articles, products, downloads, pictures module three columns add columns to display and display whether or not full administrator control by the background;
  2. WYSIWYG text editor CKEditor can easily add text, images, animation, layout, and support the contents of the manual page;
  3. Background administrator administrative privileges independent of each other, different content management permissions can be set for each administrator, the founder can not be deleted with the most senior authority;
  4. Products, pictures, download field customization features (including a brief drop-down, text, multiple choice, radio, pictures, fields), each product can upload multiple product images;
  5. Background information management to support bulk delete bulk transfers, bulk copy, bulk permission setting operation;
  6. Supports a variety of information to sort the list;
  7. Support the information Top recommended settings;
SEO Optimization
  1. Site set the parameters of the global SEO can be individually set the page is the title of all pages, keywords, page description, the name of the static pages;
  2. Station static page generation, automatic or manual a key generation station static pages, and can be personalized static page names and static page format to support the static pages of Chinese names;
  3. The pseudo-static functions of the station, the station static packaging function (packaged static page file program to be completely separated from the package file upload normal access to any space);
  4. Page title in accordance with Title - Column Name - Site Title manner fully optimized and can freely adjust the page title constitutes a way to default all Title content automatically generated by the system, and support self-defined page title;
  5. Built-in hot tag feature, which can effectively increase website's internal links and keyword links, you can customize the number of replacements;
  6. Official template DIV + CSS framework title H1, image ALT, hyperlink the Title, page headers tail keywords home information updated layout, the information chain, and other full SEO optimization;
  7. Built-in site map module, can generate the latest Html, xml, txt site map in the web root, so the search engines faster collection of all the pages of your website;
  8. Built-in link modules can be easily connected to each other and other sites;
  9. The support section folders custom self-definition and column content page static page name and format, can effectively distinguish between competitors in the homogenization of information, enhance the effect of SEO;
Interactive Marketing
  1. Back office management functions, built-in online exchange that can be added to the QQ, MSN, Live Messenger, Ali Want SKYPE, third-party customer communication software, etc., and can set the display style and icon;
  2. Built-in powerful online feedback system, feedback system can add any number of form fields fully customizable and can be used for product ordering, online registration, online surveys, feedback can automatically send feedback to the administrator to set the specified mailbox (you can set multiple mailboxes), and can be categorized as export EXCEL spreadsheet form of feedback;
  3. Feedback background management functions and email functions, administrators can review and reply to the message content through the background;
  4. Recruitment information and candidate resume submitted online functionality, resumes automatically sent to the specified mailbox;
  5. Background built-in Site Statistics feature, you can easily monitor website visitor details, visit the search engine and search keywords and other information;
  6. Background built-in SMS group sending, support custom to send or bulk SMS for all Member phone number.
Members and rights management
  1. Built-in tourists, ordinary members, agents, system administrators, four kinds of permission roles, and ordinary members, agents the foreground registered Manage;
  2. Language content, part of the station information page, field parameters can be access control, and thus the flexibility to set the proxy prices, data download, the latest product announcement permissions management;
  3. Can set administrator rights and authority to operate directly under the background section, which can achieve the independent management of the site columns and content people, and allows the administrator user interface is clear and concise;
Safety and efficiency
  1. Built-in database backup and restore functions, can be a key to easily complete the entire station database backup and recovery, support the background of the configuration files and the entire station compressed package download;
  2. Admin folder name of the background change feature that allows you to easily hide the Admin path, thereby improving system safety performance;
  3. Verification code, anti-refresh mechanism, SQL hazard symbols and statements filtering mechanism greatly enhances the ability of the system against malicious attacks;
  4. Administrator password for the mailbox to retrieve function, member password for the mailbox to retrieve the enhanced self-safety performance of the system;
  5. Efficiency of public information read control parameters to the template call database control files (control) by the template production has greatly increased the efficiency of the system;
  6. Upload folder and visualization file management functions, you can easily manage to delete junk files;
  7. PHP + MYSQL framework, the static function of the station, the system file permissions set greatly enhanced the ability of the system to fight the Trojans, and malicious attacks;
  8. Background built-in site examination, you can find the details of the existing site, and to protect the site safety;
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